Summer breeze, makes me feel fine …

June is here and school is already out for many will be out soon for the rest of the students. What is your favorite summer past time? Taking vacation. Attending a convention or conference. Going to the beach. Reading from a list of great summer reads. Traveling the US parks or Europe or the Caribbean. Are you going to a family reunion? Oh, there are so many wonderful things to do for summer. One quite sure thing to do is reconnect with yourself.

Find time to sit in the shade on the ground or in a hammock and feel the summer breeze. The Isley Brothers have a song titled, Summer Breeze, that includes a refrain “Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind. Sweet days of summer, the jasmine’s in bloom….”

As you get ready for that summer breeze to make you feel fine, you certainly want to look fine. Maybe you are watching what you eat so you can fit in that new bikini or swim trunks without the muffin top spilling over. Ahh, that late winter / spring splurge  might be the ruin of the start of summer with its extra five or so pounds. Well, you might want to consider ginger. Yep, ginger. There was an article in TIME magazine about the health benefits of ginger that now show ginger helps with fat burning, carbohydrate digestion and insulin secretion. It was already established that ginger helps as anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol and lowers blood pressure but now it can help you get into those skinny summer capri pants too. You can view the article at this link: . Consuming ginger can help with calorie burn and reduce feelings of hunger.

Another TIME article covers some ways to rev up your metabolism: Some very simple steps such as eat protein in the morning and afternoon. Believe it or not, the article suggests eating a snack before bedtime … who knew? Another suggestion is go to bed early, a good night’s rest is not overrated for sure. Not having enough sleep has been talked about for years because of its impact on weight retention. Go to bed, it’s not worth that late movie … but if the Warriors are playing the Cavaliers and the game goes into overtime then all bets are off for going to bed early.

The point here is to get body-ready for summer. I see some people invest in clothing and accessories for their summer vacations and their bodies are out of shape. Invest the same effort and energy in yourself as you do in what you buy to carry with you for your trip. It would be ideal if you had started when I blogged about it several months ago but at least go for it now.

Two weeks ago, I mentioned that I was going to take a couple days to chill out and do some reading and sip some tea. Those are two of my favorite things to in the summer. Reading is enriching and summers are great enrichment periods. Tea is calming and relaxing so good for getting you into a summer mood. Now, I am not a consumer of alcoholic drinks but I guess those can also be on your list for chilling for the summer. I just can’t give you the recommendations for them. Call my hubby for a good red or white wine.

Next week, I plan to share a summer reading list. I would love for you to give me your favorite books for summer, books you have read this year that you recommend, books that others have shared that you are planning to read.

Summer is such a chill time. I hope you will do something fun. See family. Spend extra time with family. Get away from the office for two weeks … Americans historically don’t use all of their vacation days. Instead of being available 24/7, block off time that you won’t check your email and stick to it. Give your kids undivided attention, for real. Seriously. Leave your phone in the living room over night instead of by your bed. Get out of the kitchen, pick up some shrimp and steaks and fire up the grill for dinner along with a summer fruit or mixed green salad. Summer is good for eating light too, forget about the heavy meals.

I can almost feel the summer breeze on my skin because I am so ready for it. Last summer seems like a lifetime ago, actually January 20th feels like a decade ago. Mini vacations are good these days to do self-care. The longer daylight is just begging for some lollygagging time. Get your body ready. I will have a reading list for you soon. Plan your trip. Take off the time. Open your windows on your car and let the summer breeze in.


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