Foodies … it’s your time. On your mark, get set, go!

Summer time is eating time. The food, oh the food. I hope you took heed to some of my blogs from the spring and late winter about fitness and getting your body in shape because now is when you want to not worry about any of that. Now, it’s time for foodies to unite. Eat!

Vacations of course are wonderful. But whether you are on vacation or staycation or not going anywhere at all, summer is for foodies. Farmers markets are bursting with bounties of peaches, blueberries, blackberries, squash, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, tomatoes, butter beans, pink-eye peas, bell peppers, sweet silver queen corn and on and on. I love going to our state Farmers Market this time of year (actually I love going all year). Starting last summer, I began going to pick your own blueberry and blackberry farms. Last week I picked blueberries and blackberries … oh how sweet!

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If you have a farm to table restaurant in your area, summer is a great time to eat there. If you are near a body of fishing water, get the catch of the day and pair it with some fresh vegetables from the garden, cornbread, silver queen corn on the cob and oh my, delicious.

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Some of my favorite memories of summer are sitting on the front porch and eating watermelon. There was guy in St. Pete that we nicknamed the Watermelon Man because he would drive through our neighborhood in the summer in his pick up truck, with it loaded down with watermelons. When I saw him, I would go running into the house to tell Mommy that the Watermelon Man was here, could we please, please buy a watermelon! Nowadays, I go out to the Farmers Market and pick a watermelon, using all of the scientific methods included in the articles that I have read. But of course, it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know until you open it what you will get. That’s part of what comes along with it. Grab one and go for it.

Summer veggies are plentiful. As I walked the Farmers Market last week, the sights of them all were just awesome. Who couldn’t find something they loved. You can even find something you don’t have to cook. Make a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, vinegar, salt & pepper … no cooking necessary. Even with cooking, the vegetables are so fresh that you don’t need to cook them much, in fact you don’t want to cook them much to keep the taste sweet and fresh. Just a little bit of seasoning and herbs added, a light touch of butter or olive oil. Although my hubby is a big meat eater, during the summer he eats a lot of fruit and vegetables (willingly, I might add) because they are so plentiful, so fresh, so awesomely yummy.

Now for the grilling. Well, there is a plethora of what can be done on a grill. Some folks know how to work magic on a grill. My husband grills steaks that don’t need steak sauce. Add a summer salad, a cob of corn and you’ve got an easy summer meal. He can take a little more time and barbecue a rack of ribs with a special barbecue sauce. I can’t tell you what is in the sauce because then we would have to eliminate you. Don’t even bother with a fork & knife, these ribs are best eaten with fingers. For me, he grills steelhead trout or wild salmon or grouper or swordfish. Moist, seasoned well and delish! With some butter beans or baked beans and a roll … that’s a summer dinner for any foodie.

Is your mouth watering yet?

I am okay with going to the grocery store but in the summer time, find your nearest farmers market or corner farm stand. Those are the places to enjoy that you don’t have all year round. Cook up something simple for dinner tonight. Sit out on your deck or front porch, feel the summer breeze and chill with the taste that only summer provides.



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